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The 1970s BMW M1 Procar Series Makes a Comeback This July

At the Norisring street course in Germany, there will be a rare chance to see original M1 race cars in action.

Here Are All of the 2020 Hyundai Sonata's Available Colors—Including Yellow

The new Sonata's color palette has some interesting colors beyond the typical white, gray, and black.

When the new Hyundai Sonata was first revealed, some of the images of the Korea-spec car showed it in a shocking yellow paint color. We didn't know if the awesome hue would make it to the United States, especially given the typically reserved color palettes of the Sonata's competitors. Hyundai's website doesn't yet have a configurator, as pricing hasn't been released, but it now has a page that shows all of the Sonata's eight available exterior paints-including what Hyundai calls Glowing Yellow, confirming that the bright color will be available to U.S. buyers.

The new Sonata has a polarizing design, but it all comes together well. There's extremely weird side surfacing, the LED headlights flow into chrome trim strips, and it has a fish-like mouth and a sharp rear end with an almost-ducktail spoiler. The pictured Sonata is the Turbo model, which features a wilder grille and a sportier body kit. Click through to see how each of the Sonata's colors looks on the new sedan.

Honda Will Soon Be Building EVs and More Hybrids in Ohio

Expanding local production to add electric vehicles may make room for imported and as yet unannounced models.

Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Volkswagen-Powered Wishbone Custom Will Soon Cross the Auction Block

This VW-powered creation is another surreal classic from Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, famously known as the Salvador Dali of the hot-rod world.

Mercedes-Benz Rolls Out All its Greatest Racing Cars to Celebrate 125 Years in Motorsports

From hand-cranked antiques to modern Formula 1 cars and everything in between.

Whether you enjoy auto racing or not, motorsports has been around nearly as long as the automobile itself. Mercedes-Benz, in one form or another, has been a juggernaut in competition for much of the past 125 years, from its legendary Silver Arrows to its domination in Formula 1's current hybrid era and much more. In no small feat of logistics and preparation, Mercedes recently dusted off all of its greatest classic and contemporary racers-and summoned many of its best drivers-for some on-track fun at the Silverstone Circuit in the United Kingdom. While entire books have been devoted to many of these particular cars, we had a golden ticket to experience them all up close in the span of a day. These are the highlights.