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Your Fast & Furious Binge-Watching Days Are Numbered

Several of the franchise's movies are leaving Netflix before Labor Day, and F&F 9 isn't due out until spring.

Check Out This Epic Commercial for the Eagerly Awaited Audi RS6 Avant

Or just skip to the end to hear the fabulous sound of its 591-hp V-8.

Volkswagen Recalls 679,000 Cars for Electrical Defects That Could Lead to Rollaways

The electrical defect affects many late-model VW Beetle, GTI, Golf, and Jetta models with real ignition keys.

20 of the Craziest Pickup Trucks Ever

A pickup truck's job is simple, but that didn't stop some makers from turning these basic workhorses into wild machines.

Some of these pickups are impractical, others are too fast for their own good, but all are outrageous. Here are some of the wildest pickup trucks out there.

Honda's New Airbag Will Give Front Passengers Better Protection

The new bag will start appearing in Honda vehicles in 2020 to protect passengers in many kinds of accidents, including angled crashes with vehicles or stationary objects.