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Big Mac and Flies: McLaren Teases with Giant-Winged Prototype

While automakers hate having future products scooped by spy photographers, they aren’t above playing games with those who seek to capture their prototypes through long lenses. Take this McLaren prototype that was captured near the Nürburgring, for instance. It has some natty disguise but also bears what seems to be a McLaren internal model code […]

2018 Lexus RC in Depth: Modest Updates to This Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

You’d be forgiven for mistaking the standard Lexus RC for the performance-oriented RC F—the two share a number of styling elements, particularly when the former is equipped with the optional F Sport package. The RC is offered with three different engines—a turbo inline-four and two naturally aspirated V-6s—but none of them provide thrilling performance. Instead, […]

In Depth with the 2019 Porsche Cayenne’s Tungsten-Carbide-Coated Brakes

Hard up for details on Porsche’s new Surface Coated Brakes, or PSCB for short? We visited with the company’s braking and chassis engineers in Germany for more information, and we can say this much: They’re more than just a new way for Porsche to empty your pockets of a few thousand bucks. Besides the brakes’ […]