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EVs help regain trust after scandal

Automakers are using EVs to regain trust after the diesel emissions scandal, but it doesn't solve the question of where to dispose of the batteries.

?Lifted my head, saw this horror show': Why Bernie Moreno (mostly) quit auto sales

A few years ago, Moreno was a thriving auto retailer with 15 dealerships and $1 billion in annual sales. He has now reassessed auto retail, and his prognosis is not good.

Karma Automotive's U.S. venture lures global suppliers

The Chinese-owned startup is up and running as a bona fide premium carmaker, with a U.S. plant, a global supply chain and a different sort of pitch for interested suppliers.

Misconceptions about EVs hindering demand

For electric vehicle sales to take off, dealers and automakers must educate consumers on maintenance and the cost of ownership, and dealers need more incentive from automakers, Cox says.

Number to watch:

Light Field Lab, a Silicon Valley startup that has developed the ability to emit a 3D hologram from a small display screen, gets $28 million dollars in venture capital.