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AV industry needs to quiet the hype

Tesla and the AV industry need to muffle the drumbeat around fully autonomous transportation and turn their attention to driver-assist vehicles until the technology is fully vetted.

Bridgestone's radical idea ? but not for cars

The company is moving forward on its new-age design for airless tires. But it's all about the need, not the volume.

Israeli auto technology takes center stage

Across autonomous driving, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, Israeli companies have captured the attention of the global auto industry. Their collective importance was on display at CES.

Mu�oz tweaks Hyundai dealer pay plan amid mission to boost retail health

Dealers said they left a meeting last fall in Las Vegas loving the new vehicles they saw, but not so much the early outlines of the pay program designed to elevate the brand's distribution network. A positive outcome to the latest dealer drama at Hyundai and Genesis is crucial as they seek to move from challenger brands in the U.S. to top-tier competitors.

?Bullitt' Mustang sets auction record

The winning bid for the 1968 Ford Mustang that Steve McQueen used in one of Hollywood's most famous car chases was $3.4 million, but the buyer's identity remained a mystery last week.