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Toyota, Subaru hot for small, affordable sports cars even as market for them shrinks

Does it make sense these days to invest in a new generation of small, gasoline-powered, modestly priced sports cars? Absolutely, say Toyota and Subaru.

EV-charging trailer to debut in '22

The trailer maker Colorado Teardrops says it has "hundreds" of preorders for a camper that will house EV-charging batteries in its frame.

Shift Technologies aims to keep used buyers well beyond sale

Co-CEO Toby Russell talked with Automotive News about the importance of accompanying car buyers through the whole experience of the sale and beyond.

Auto jobs now

Hirings are up, but they aren't coming close to filling the number of vacant positions around the industry — especially at a time when the market is red-hot and consumers are clamoring for new cars and trucks.

BMW pushes ahead of luxury rivals

Chip shortages continue to kneecap Mercedes' U.S. sales.

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