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Pure Competence: 2017 Kia Optima in Depth

All signs point to the fact that we have left the age of the sedan behind and entered the era of the crossover, but despite the wandering attention of the car-buying public, the contenders in the mid-size-sedan segment continue to put up a good show. Not only are there a handful of truly good cars […]

What I’d Do Differently: Matt LeBlanc

C/D: What was your first car? ML: It was in 1985 and it was a 1984 Nissan pickup truck. It was brand new and my dad gave it to me. I was, on the one hand, excited but, on the other, disappointed because I wanted something that needed some work done. I wanted that hands-on […]

Driving from the Middle of the Car Is About to Make a Comeback: Here Are the Pros and Cons

Twenty years after production of the coveted F1 supercar ended, McLaren will again put drivers in the center seat with its new $2 million-plus grand tourer codenamed BP23. The British racing specialists weren’t the first to literally put their customers at the center of their work, but McLaren became synonymous with the central driving position […]